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Soya Group Kft.

Soya Group Kft. has been successfully operating for 26 years in the Northwestern region of Hungary, with the center in Győr. They offer almost everything that is essential for the baking and sweet industry. We asked Károly Papp managing director, to present the company's activities in a few words.

"First of all, I would like to emphasize our wide range of products, with which we are ahead of customer needs. The vast majority of our partners - as mentioned above – are food-producing factories in the area of bakery and confectionery industry. In addition, we have a regular business relationship with meat-, dairy-industry, pharmacy, feed and pet food manufacturer, food supplements, and oil mills.

We are constantly looking for products in high quality for those who are committed to health conscious diet. We also offer Superfood-grade foods. We satisfy the needs of different diets such as dairy and gluten-free, ketogenic or paleo diet. "

Mr. Papp, in addition to such wide product range, with which future-oriented product development ideas can you step out?

"First of all, I would mention the recently acquired RSPO and BIO qualifications. Our company places great emphasis on supporting high quality, ethical and sustainable production. In addition, we find that there is an increasing demand from chain stores for products with such qualification, with manufacturers must also keep pace. We are happy to serve all customers who make their decisions along similar lines."

What goals did you set yourself and the Soya Group for the 2017 year?

"Soya Group Ltd. is growing steadily in both its personal and infrastructural background.

We put great emphasis on the quality of the products we represent, of mainly European producers.

The philosophy of our company is: offer only one product of every product type, but it should be within premium category.

I use it as a slogan: anyone who produces quality products will contact us sooner or later as we are present or represented in the whole country.

Our strategy is to adapt not only the product, but also the technology (we appear with the technological specialists of the well-known manufacturer by the product development or procurement), personalized for the user. This way we are supporting our client to create unique product."


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